Yondernauts Games is a small independent games developer based in the northwest of England.

Our Vision

Yondernauts Games aims to craft first person experiences that focus on immersion and escapism. We passionately believe that first person games are the perfect medium for immersive gaming, and that the surface has barely been scratched of the huge potential for new kinds of stories and powerful experiences. This belief, along with a deep understanding of the mechanics and idiosyncrasies of first person games, drives our approach to developing games along with the tools required to make them.

Our Game Design Values

Let the player play

Games are best when they're immersive. Breaking that immersion for a cut-scene or menu prevents players from getting the maximum enjoyment from a game.

Give natural choices

Dialog and gameplay choices should be intuitive and consistent. The player will define their own character and it's up to the game to support that.

Create worlds

Games are about escapism, and a fully realised world with history and consistency is so much more immersive than a collection of maps and puzzles.

Our Plan

First person games are complex things. Allowing the player to see through the eyes of an avatar in a virtual world requires an attention to detail beyond almost any other genre. If the world or the game behave in an unexpected way it can break immersion and sour the player experience. As such, our focus right now is on creating the tools that enable a tiny team to raise the bar on indie first person games. Once those tools are available and mature, we will shift our focus onto showing the world what those tools can do.

Our Asset Design Values

Enable not define

Good tools are about enabling developers to achieve their vision. They should not restrict a developer to a specific path or style.

Play well with others

No asset is used in isolation, and developers should be free to define the pipeline and ecosystem an asset fits into.

Be extensible

A closed asset is useless. Allowing developers to add to an asset and merge it with others empowers them to do more.

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